A Community & Farmers market next to FInsbury Park

Some stallholders come to the market every week, some most weeks & others fortnightly; on top of this we regularly have guest traders. For the lowdown & full list of everyone coming this Sunday please see here.

eden's organic farm fields under a rainbow

Marsh Produce

Meat from free-range, naturally reared animals, all classic cuts & many different flavours of sausage. Clive & Debs also bring the best jams, honey, chutneys, & curds from around Romney Marsh, and local butter too.


marsh produce free range chicken bacon sausages beef pork & eggs

Perry Court farm

Using a classic rotation system, Martin & Heidi Fermor grow a huge range of fruit & veg on their farm between Ashford & Canterbury. This is some of the best, and best value, produce available in London. This Autumn they’re bringing at least 6 or 7 lesser-known apple & pear varieties each week.

Perry court farm natural fruit & veg apples pears carrots cabbages potatoes kentish produce

The Pie Station

Alan the master Scots pie man makes quiches, meat pies, veggie pies, sausage rolls, pasties, and delicious puddings including fruit tarts & crumbles. All this uses the ingredients he buys from friends at the markets. He brings along two ovens: one for baking the pies fresh and another for keeping some of them warm during the day. Hot sausage rolls are the local favourite.

the pie station bakery selling quiches tarts pies crumbles and sausage rolls at north london farmers market


Martin keeps two small fishing boats at Newhaven harbour and fishes whenever the weather allows, always bringing the freshest and best haul to Stroud Green. He’s often out on a Saturday night, meaning that the fish is only hours out of the water by the time the market opens. Often found at his stall are cod, whiting, monkfish, turbot, squid, plaice, sole and mackeral. Martin smokes some of the catch and his wife Wendi makes amazing fish pâté to sell.


Shumei Natural Agriculture

Japanese charity Shumei seek to live in a world “free of sickness, poverty, and discord”. One of their principle beliefs is in eating food that has been produced naturally, with minimum human intervention and without artificial or animal additives. From their home farm in Wiltshire they bring up fabulous greens and root vegetables, with foreign items such as olive oil sourced from similarly-minded producers around the world.

shumei polytunnel.jpg

Marco's Italian Cheese & Cured Meat

Marco Florio sources from all over Italy, bringing both classic (including the best Parmigiano & Nduja) and obscure products. Even more special, however, is his particular relationship with the artisan cheesemakers of his native Piedmont. Many of these are younger producers returning to near-forgotten traditions, resulting in cheese which is limited in supply but fantastic in quality.


Une Normande a Londres

A rather overwhelming selection of French products, specializing in cheese and charcuterie but also including speciality mustard, honey and other items of the classic epicerie. This is brought over each week by the brothers Franck & Yann Leblais who source directly from the producers of Northern France.


PAO PICKLES (every other week)

Pao Liu makes an innovative vegan kind of Kimchi where the traditional fish sauce is replaced by wakame seaweed. You’ll also find several different flavours of sauerkraut, hot sauces, and occasionally a bottle or two of water kefir.


A Portuguese Love Affair (restarting soon)

Famous for their amazing and award-winning pasteis de nata, this special food shop brings many Portuguese delicacies and pastries to the market, both sweet and savoury. Diana Neto, pastry chef par excellence, makes every item by hand each morning, combining patient craft with an imaginative vision.


Bread by Bike

Andy Strang’s bread is already well known around here: you can always find it in the Deli at 80 on Stroud Green road, among other places. He has recently opened a proper bakery café around Tufnell park, but he’ll bring his full range back here every week: sourdough loaves, baguettes, cinnamon buns, and whatever else he turns his mind to…

bread by bike's crusty sourdough loaf at stroud green market in north london

Hurdlebrook dairy

Dave Paull is a 3rd generation Somerset dairy farmer, keeping a small herd of Guernsey cows that produce perhaps the creamiest milk available. The unpasteurized Guernsey milk is golden in colour due to the breed’s inefficiency to digest the beta carotene in the grass and forage.  This also makes it silkier, thicker and more delicious than standard milk in a way that is hard to describe. The cows are pampered & the farm is kept in a traditional & sustainable manner; they are awaiting their organic certification. To our market Dave delivers Dave his famous live yoghurt, including delicious natural fruit yoghurt in for flavours.

Somerset dairy farmer Dave Paull with a few of his Guernsey cows. They produce the raw milk that Dave sells in London as well as Somerset, and which he also turns into delicious yoghurt, cream & butter
Cream, Yoghurt & Milk from Hurdlebrook dairy. The highly-prized milk is unpasteurized and comes from Dave Paull's pedigree guernsey cows. Available at various Farmers markets around London

Dreamers Farm

Another of the Channel island breeds of dairy cow is the Jersey, a famously docile & loving creature giving creamy milk, slightly sweeter than that of the Hurdlebrook guernsey cows, and no less rich. Simon & Kate Oakley have a small farm outside North Brewham, Somerset, where they keep about 12 cows milking at any one time. 

update: raw milk is now available to order for collection at the market each week. Simply write to by Thursday telling us how many bottles you'd like and your phone number. We'll save them for you!

The idyllic Dreamers dairy farm in North Somerset has just 20 Jersey cows. The milk is sold both locally & every Sunday at Stroud Green market in London

The Old Chapel Fudge Company

In spite of his company’s name, Glaswegian-born John is at pains to stress that what he makes is in fact the authentic Scottish Tablet, an altogether crumblier confection than fudge made using just three ingredients. He is a perfectionist and also adventurous when it comes to recipes: one of the 30 varieties he makes uses essence of lavender from his own garden.


Poilâne French bakery

A bastion of Parisian culture since 1932, Poilâne opened a new bakery in Belgravia 17 years ago, and make everything from loaves to biscuits in a large wood-fired oven each morning. At our market you can buy their very buttery croissants & pains au chocolat, warmed through in a little oven if want to eat them on the go. They are the real French-style pastries & it'd be difficult to find better in North London.

fresh croissants & pains au chocolat made by poilane and sold every sunday morning at stroud green market

Floris Bakery

Gemma Calia & her sister Leana are masters of the free-from, bringing to the market a host of goodies that are either vegan, gluten-free, or both, all freshly made in their N7 kitchen. Sweet or savoury: scotch eggs, choux buns, pizza slices, banana cake, and - most popular of all - the wonderful doughnuts.

Floris bakery bring doughnuts & custard tarts to stroud green market, all gluten free or vegan


Smy Goodness (back soon)

Emmerline Smy is an expert in many things besides preserves - she hosts regular podcasts, caters for events, writes about the history of food and has run cooking demonstrations at some of the country's biggest festivals. All this passion and expertise is distilled into the glass jars that you can see at her market stall: curds, jams, pickles, jellies and chutneys all bursting with colour and natural flavour.

Mokaya Brownies (back in May)

In her quest for the perfect chocolate brownie, Triska (the founder of Mokaya) was over a year in baking, testing & refining recipes before bringing her creations to Stroud Green. With various different flavours available, including the classic dark chocolate, a hazelnut praline, and a salted caramel, the Mokaya brownies are fudgey, chewy, and rich without being overly sweet. Triska uses the same single-origin Madagascan dark chocolate to make decadent truffles. Mokaya is a new company and the passionate care for quality behind every product is really inspiring!

The perfect chocolate brownie made by Mokaya for Stroud GReen Market, North London, Sundays 10-2:30