Food and Drink


The wine that Natalino Capriotti brings to us from his own region of Italy is made by the local winemakers who used to supply his bar in Centobuchi, East Italy, at the border of Marche & Abruzzo. We are lucky that he has moved to Haringey & can offer these wines that are otherwise available in England. Some are for everyday, others for special occasions: red, white, rose, and sparkling. Completely naturally produced, on a very small scale, by people of passion & expertise.


Holy Pizza

Andreas the finest pizzaiolo in East London pedals his portable oven to Stroud Green every Sunday, sourdough bases proving gently in the cargo trailer and finest homemade toppings in jars ready to bake at scorching tremperatures. His menu is traditional, but exciting, and the smell, the sense of theatre and sheer quality of it remind you that pizza can be street food at its very best.


Dinh-Dins Viet Kitchen

Innovative Vietnamese meals prepared by the local street food maestro Tien Dinh Tran. Tien always offers the famous “banh-mi” rolls but has a varied selection, cooking up tofu as well as pork and chicken on his portable charcoal grill. What makes Tien’s food stand out is the constant attention to detail behind the recipes, the preparation, and the sourcing of the ingredients.



These unique grilled cheese sandwiches are the fusion of a classic British recipe with ancient Indian flavours. Farah makes all spices and condiments herself and buys her bread and cheese direct from the producers. Signiature varieties are the Classic Wala, Mumbai Ploughman & Goan Farmhouse and alongside these Farah offers an alternative brunch special each week.



Named after Halima Khatoon’s favourite snack, Fooska offers the best of Bangladeshi street cooking to Stroud Greeners. The food is zinging with flavour: fresh ingredients, freshly prepared, and above all cooked by Halima herself with a dedication towards tradition and an unmatched care for quality.


Goodsmoke BBQ

Stemming from an incurable addiction to BBQ Alex Fenton has spent the past 3 years perfecting the art of curing, home-smoking and flame-grilling. At his market stall he keeps a varied menu using ingredients sourced from local organic farms. The staples include chicken wings, beef brisket and a thoroughly original smoked Macaroni Cheese. Passionate and particular in every detail, his wood is smoky and his sauces sticky…



Creperie Dellys


Flavoursome, good value crepes and galettes using top quality ingredients. They are made by Farid Djebrouni whose childhood visits to family in Northern France led to a passion for these Breton staples, and such is his expertise that you’ll have to come early to avoid a long queue. If you do find yourself waiting, remember that it’s always worth it…

Big Doggs Hotdogs

Classic NYC-style hotdogs cooked by Ben Perry. The bangers - authentic Frankfurters - are the best you’ll eat in London town, and Ben makes the pickles and relishes using veggies from his sister’s own allotment.



Smy Goodness (away currently)

As a showcase for her chutneys and other fabulous ingredients available at the market Emmerline sells the best toasties, soups, salads and other warming dishes. She can make anything, and as the seasons change, so will the menu.


Kaffee Culture

Steve & Claudia are artisan coffee roasters, operating in very small batches which is best for freshness. Also a top barista, Steve naturally uses their own blend of beans to make wonderful espresso-based drinks. Bring your own mug for a generous discount.


Golden T

Ezra will make a cup of hot tea using any one of her great selection, and for those who prefer something simple - “just a normal cup of tea” - they’ve got a box of Yorkshire tucked away. Above and beyond all this they brew a spicy chai for the Winter months, and iced tea in the Summer.


Luke’s Cider

Having worked for cider producers & farms from Somerset to New Zealand, Luke Mccoy brought together traditional techniques with recent innovations to create his own first batch in 2017. Luke's cider is effervescent, refreshing, and in his words, "just a bit different!". 2018’s "Next Batch" is on its way soon, and Luke's own creations are complemented by an ever-changing selection of quality ciders from around the country.

Oddly Beer

Formerly based on Platt’s Eyot, an Island off the river Thames, Brian Watson has relocated to more conventional surroundings in Tottenham. Thus free to direct all his latent oddity towards the beers themselves he has created a tremendous range, including classic IPAs and a few rather more random selections: Marsala bitter is one of the latter, and only someone of Brian’s oddly genius could have pulled it off so well.



Pear worked for years in some of the top restaurants in her native Thailand before coming over to North London, and has made it her mission to provide the real taste of Thai for the benefit of Stroud Green and the greater good. The ingredients are responsibly sourced; the flavour is fresh and delicious. Pear is a local legend!